TBA, Belgium
Angular Hack Day

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What is Angular Hack Day?

Angular Hack Days are for Angular Developers or people who want to learn Angular.

There will be something for everyone, experienced Angular developers can share ideas with other experienced developers. If you’re a beginner then there’s plenty to learn on the day.

It’s recommended that attendees bring their own laptop on the day with Angular already setup. If you’ve never played with Angular before it would be good to do a little bit of learning before the day but it’s not a requirement as all are welcome.

When and where?

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
Time: TBA

Event Organizers

Chris Briggs

8:30AM Breakfast – Make it by 8:30 you will receive a coffee and muffin, courtesy of SSW.


9:00AM TBAs – TBA





Show and Tell

Show something you’ve built and/or lessons you’ve learnt using Angular!

5:30PM Finish


What should I bring?

Bring a laptop on the day with Angular already setup and installed so we can dive straight into it. Also bring your love of learning and questions for our experts.

I can’t make it on the day!

SSW TV will be filming the session so you’ll be able to access the content. However nothing quite beats hands on learning so it’s strongly recommended that you come along and meet some awesome people.

Will there be food?

Come before 8:30 and get a free coffee and muffin, provided by SSW! Our venue is surrounded by some amazing restaurants and we’ll let you know on the day what discounts are available.